Message From Our Chairman, CEO and President

As our company continues to evolve, grow and adapt to the changing marketplace, one thing that remains constant is our commitment to L3’s core values. As a leader in our industry, it is imperative that we conduct ourselves with INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE, ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPECT in everything we do. By adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, we strengthen our bonds with each other, our customers, our business partners and the communities in which we live and work.

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct program provides useful guidance for putting our values into practice in our daily work. Each one of us at L3, regardless of position or level of responsibility, as well as those who act on our behalf, are required to understand and comply with this Code. Professional resources are also available to provide direction should you encounter a situation not covered in the Code. I encourage each employee to read the Code every year and make use of these valuable resources whenever questions or concerns arise.

Another important step we are taking is the L3 Leadership Excellence model outlined below. These are 12 qualities we look to our managers and leaders (including myself) to model as well as a framework for all employees to actively engage in. Those qualities I consider most important to making us a great company are courage, entrepreneurship, customer insight and teamwork.

L3 is known for its dedicated people, outstanding performance and ethical business practices. There is much we can accomplish when we work together and strive to be our best by following our ethical principles and leaning into leadership characteristics. It’s these qualities that will carry us forward as an industry leader with a strong reputation and a commitment to delivering value to all stakeholders.

Leadership Excellence

Creating a Leader Mindset
Strong leadership is central to driving L3’s growth strategy. Grounded in our values, the Leadership Excellence model provides the competencies and behaviors that exemplify what it means to be a successful leader at L3 and how each of us, at all levels, contribute to building a strong culture that enables us to compete and win.

Use L3’s leadership model to support your professional development and unleash our individual and collective potential.

The L3 Leadership Excellence Model


Our Values

Our Values are the standards that guide our behavior and GUIDE THE WAY, providing the foundation for our commitment to the highest level of ethical conduct, a commitment we take very seriously.

We demonstrate integrity by operating honestly and fairly. We apply our values and principles to our daily business activities and make sure our actions always reflect the highest level of ethical conduct. We each take responsibility for knowing the laws and regulations governing L3 and meeting the Company’s ethical standards.
Our Company insists on excellence. Our customers, fellow employees, communities, and shareholders expect and deserve superior performance in our products and services and in the way we conduct business every day. Maintaining a level of excellence that is appropriate to our position as a global leader depends on an individual commitment from each of us to act with integrity, accountability and respect any time we represent the Company.
Accountability signals our desire to make and keep commitments. Our reputation depends on our resolve to reliably and consistently deliver on our promises and to earn and keep the trust of our customers, shareholders, fellow employees and the community at large.
Acting with respect is fundamental to our strength as an organization. We treat customers, suppliers, outside parties, and one another with dignity, fairness and courtesy. We support an inclusive culture where diversity in people and perspective is valued. We cooperate across organizational boundaries, focusing on adding value and earning the trust of our teammates.